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Oregon Chardonnay is garnering national attention, taking center stage in the New York Times article, “Oregon Chardonnay Speaks Up” last year and February’s Sunset Magazine article, “The Great White” and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. After decades of plantings decreasing and little being produced, the varietal has entered a resurgence. Acres are being planted all over the state, producers are clamoring for fruit and the quality has never been so high. All of this has drawn international attention, bringing both winemakers and media to see what the fuss is about.

The third annual Oregon Chardonnay Symposium being held on Saturday, March 8th at Stoller Family Estate will look at the future of Oregon Chardonnay, while presenting one of the greatest tastings ever offered of our regions’ bottlings. Over the past two years, the Oregon Chardonnay Symposium has focused on telling the story of Oregon Chardonnay from its history, and highlight some of the state’s new artisan producers. As the event grows, we look to challenge the topic and explore additional facets-- from the evolving scene in the state, to production techniques, clonal selection and more.

2014 Oregon Chardonnay Symposium will bring an international component to the conversation. This year’s event will focus on the future of Oregon Chardonnay with an expanded domestic and international perspective from both producers that have entered into the scene from other states and countries and brought with them a spirited perspective on the topic. Joined by some of Oregon’s pioneers and a selection of current generation Oregon producers, the panel will have a dynamic take on the past, present and future of Oregon Chardonnay.

Technical Panel & Tasting

2:00 to 4:00 pm, $100 per ticket

Moderated by Cole Danehower, the panel brings together some of Oregon’s Chardonnay pioneers and top producers along with international Chardonnay royalty. Together, they will give a dynamic take on the past, present and future of Oregon Chardonnay, guiding you through their visions for the future of the grape in our state while tasting their top bottlings. ($100 ticket price includes Chardonnay Grand Tasting)

The Panelists:
David Paige – Adelsheim Vineyard
Dominique Lafon – Evening Land Vineyards
Doug Tunnell – Brick House Vineyards
Harry Peterson-Nedry – Chehalem Wines
Jesse Lange – Lange Estate Winery
Josh Bergstrom – Bergström Wines
Melissa Burr – Stoller Family Estate
Robert Brittan – Brittan Vineyards
Veronique Drouhin – Domaine Drouhin Oregon

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Chardonnay Grand Tasting

Defining Oregon Chardonnay

4:00 to 6:00 pm, $60 per ticket

With over 40 Oregon producers* represented, this tasting will certainly be the most encompassing display of Chardonnay from Oregon in one room to date. Showcasing many different styles, production methods and terroirs, the Grand Tasting will allow guests to look at the translation of Chardonnay in our state and start the process of defining Oregon Chardonnay. A selection of appetizers will be provided by Chef Paul Bachand of Recipe restaurant to complement the wines. In addition, Chemeketa Wine Studies Program will present an educational piece allowing guests to delve even further into the subject.

* See list of participating wineries

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Participating Wineries

  • Adelsheim Vineyard
  • Alexana
  • Alloro
  • Antica Terra
  • Ayoub
  • Bergström Wines
  • Bethel Heights
  • Big Table Farm
  • Boedecker Cellars
  • Brick House Vineyards
  • Brittan Vineyards
  • Cameron
  • Chehalem Wines
  • Crowley Wines
  • Dobbes Family Estate
  • Domaine Drouhin Oregon
  • Domaine Serene
  • Durant Vineyards
  • Evening Land Vineyards
  • Eyrie
  • Keeler
  • Kramer
  • Lange Estate Winery
  • Lemelson
  • Longplay
  • Matello
  • Omero Cellars
  • Rex Hill
  • Roco
  • 7 of Hearts
  • Shea Wine Cellars
  • Soter
  • St. Innocent
  • Stoller Family Estate
  • Walnut City
  • Walter Scott
  • Westrey
  • Willamette Valley Vineyards
  • Winderlea

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March 8, 2014 • Stoller Family Estate

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